The Gerbus family has been in the custom remodeling and new custom home construction business for more than 50 years.  Solid family values and old school work ethics have guided the company from the beginning.  By involving his family, Walter Gerbus, Sr. gave his sons the benefits of an education in construction and years of experience in the field.  He taught them the importance of skilled craftsmanship and strong customer service: the cornerstones of Walter Sr.’s residential remodeling company.   Our companies have a long tradition of producing high quality construction projects.  We enjoy a solid reputation of high ethical and quality standards.

Gerbus Properties Inc was started by three brothers Walter, Alan and Kevin Gerbus.  When the housing market took such a down turn and there was little work available for our workers, the three brothers decided to head in a new direction.  Gerbus Properties Inc was formed to bring our custom work to more affordable housing.  This generated the much needed work for our workers, has allowed us to keep all of our field personnel and even hire more workers to our crew.  In this day and age adding workers is not what most companies in our industry are doing. Gerbus Properties, Inc. specializes in purchasing homes and remodeling them to their once beautiful level. 

Our Mission

Our mission at Gerbus Properties Inc. is to bring the custom home feel to the non-custom home market.