What does selling your house for cash actually mean? No, we will not actually show up with a stack of cash.  However, it does mean that we do not need to apply for a loan in order for us to finance the transaction.  You will not have to worry about a conditional loan approval to purchase your house.  We have bought many homes without the need for a loan so that the closing process is quick and hassle free.  Many supposed home buying companies do not actually buy your home, but instead sell your information to another company. 

They might make you sign a contract and sell that contract to another company, forcing you to deal with the headache of new rules, stipulations, more paperwork and worse.  You can rest assured that your information is both kept confidential and that we are buying the home to renovate ourselves.  When you contact us, we will answer questions and schedule a brief 15 minute meeting to see the home and make a cash offer upon your availability.  Of course are services are free, without obligation and confidential.